“When it comes to waking up, you really ought to”


“When we are well, the normal thing is to wake up spontaneously”, Teresa Paiva said this week to the online newspaper Diário de Notícias. Teresa Paiva advised against the use of alarm clocks, especially the snooze option. “Twenty more minutes of sleep are fantastic, and we should sleep as much as possible, but when it is to wake up, you really ought to. If you do not wake up it is either because you did not get enough sleep or you have a sleep problem”.

The sleep specialist gives a few tips to sleep better at night and wake up without missing those extra 5 or 10 minutes. The most important thing is to “sleep as much as you need to sleep”. Teresa Paiva compares the human body to planet Earth and adds that “when there is resource depletion, we are facing serious problems”. You should avoid “heroic tasks” at night, but in the morning as well, according to Teresa Paiva. Activities that demand too much from body or the mind are contraindicated. The sleep specialist also advises to “respect the body,” which includes not ignoring the signs of fatigue or sleep problems. The full Portuguese version is available here: