Seven in ten children and youngsters have media devices in their bedroom


A study by researcher Olinda Oliveira, University of Minho, concludes that, among the other factors, bedtime delay is associated with the presence of media devices in the bedroom. According to an investigation which involved 502 subjects, aged 9 to 17, i.e. 2nd and 3rd cycle of basic education, more than 7 out of 10 respondents said they had a television in the bedroom, followed by computer, music player and internet.
As to the number of hours of sleep per night, most subjects claimed to sleep between 7-9 hours (72.1%) during the week. At weekends, most consider sleeping more than 9 hours (46.2%). The subjects claiming to sleep between 7-9 hours a night represent 43.8%. Olinda Oliveira crossed this data with the independent variable of the grade and concluded that the number of subjects who sleep more than nine hours per night gradually decreases as they move through the grades.