iSleep Barometer

Through iSleep Barometer, our visitors are still kindly describing their sleep. A visitor writes the following: “My sleep often starts on the couch for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then it “moves” to bed and it often ends by 3-4 a.m. … Ler Mais

Teresa Paiva and CENC on RTP1

Teresa Paiva and the Sleep Medicine Centre (CENC) were the guests of the RTP 1 television show “Diga Doutor”, hosted by general practitioner Dr. João Ramos. It was broadcasted on Saturday, 2 July. For almost an hour, the neurologist and expert … Ler Mais

Vladimir Putin: “I don’t sleep much”

Russian President Vladimir Putin complains he has been sleeping four to five hours a night. Perhaps because he is sensitive to the fact, he managed to cancel a concert being held Friday night 10 June in Marseille, so that the … Ler Mais

Sleepwalkers’ stories

Studies indicate that 1 in 50 adults worldwide suffer from episodes of sleepwalking. The British newspaper The Guardian recently published several stories of sleepwalkers. iSleep is reproducing these impressive reports.   Emma Walton, 25: At university I always locked my … Ler Mais

Getting few hours of sleep affects cholesterol

A recent survey conducted at the sleep laboratory of the University of Helsinki in Finland involving 2,739 individuals suggested that subjects who reported sleeping fewer hours had lower levels of high density lipoprotein, the so-called good cholesterol, than individuals who … Ler Mais

iSleep barometer

As from today iSleep will start to publish the results of the barometer, a feature on our website that has had more than 500 answers from the readers. There are many complaints of sleep disorders, sleepless nights and little or … Ler Mais