The Dream (The Bed) by Frida Kahlo

The Dream (The Bed), by Frida Kahlo, is a 1940 oil painting where sleep, dreams and death entwine with a strong surrealist undertone. In this painting Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) sleeps in a bed that resembles the four-poster bed where she … Ler Mais


In Siesta (1925), by Joan Miró, small shapes float on a sky-blue background. It is the immense space of dreams, where a thin calligraphy of lines and signs waves like traces of reality. It is also the infinite space where … Ler Mais

Dalí’s Sleep

Sleep (1937), by Salvador Dalí, shows a shapeless head devoid of body and sustained on various crutches on the ground, suggesting the slipping into sleep and thereby into the realm of dreams. In The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, an … Ler Mais

Sleepwalking Lady Macbeth

Sleepwalking Lady Macbeth (1784), by Swiss painter Johann Heinrich Füssli, illustrates the famous sleepwalking scene in Shakespeare’s tragedy. After persuading Macbeth to murder King Duncan, Lady Macbeth appears again in the 1st Scene of Act V sleepwalking, this time mad … Ler Mais

Noonday Rest

Noonday Rest (La Méridienne) (1866) is part of a series about the four times of the day (Quatre Heures du Jour). In this painting, a man and a woman sleep against a haystack after a morning of hard work. Jean-François … Ler Mais

Winter sleep

In this lithograph, published in 1937/38 in Verve art magazine, a woman is having a winter sleep. In her body, a little red heart stands out – maybe suggesting that she is bearing a baby. Just like the winter landscape … Ler Mais

Sleeping Muse

The bronze sculpture Sleeping Muse was created in 1909-1910 by the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, using Baroness Renée Irana Franchon as a model. In this work, expression seems to dissolve in the purification of form – traits are simplified and … Ler Mais