Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is a very Portuguese phenomenon

Teresa Paiva made a guest appearance on RTP1 show “Agora Nós” to talk about sleep disturbances. The neurologist and sleep medicine expert considered that the fact that many Portuguese go to bed late is unparalleled in other countries, adding that many foreign colleagues of her are astonished by this Portuguese phenomenon, which, in medical terms, is called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. “Just this week I was with a German somnologist who told me that in his career he had seen three cases of this syndrome. Now three cases of this condition is what I usually see in one day”, the expert said. Teresa Paiva says that this is a “weird genetic” of the Portuguese and has long argued that the issue needs to be investigated and solved.

Teresa Paiva addressed other issues as well, such as insomnia, sleep apnea and the danger of using benzodiazepines to sleep. The show was hosted by José Pedro Vasconcelos, under the heading of family physician João Ramos. You can view the show here: