Did you know…


There are three factors in adolescence that, once combined, can have a negative effect on sleep. Two of them are physiologic (organic): teenagers tend to sleep later, they have a mild “phase delay” and, alongside it, an increased need for sleep. It is called the teenage organic hypersomnia.

Cultural influences also play an important part: watching television until late and playing video games. Several studies have shown that adolescents and children who have a TV and/or computer in the bedroom have worse sleep quality and poorer school performance. Mobile phones and the frequent use of SMS by young people and teenagers are yet another sleep disturbance factor. In addition to that, the problem is worsened by weekend habits which include going to the disco from 2 or 3 a.m. to 6 to 8 a.m. and taking shots, other alcoholic drinks and even drugs.

By dawn, young people will be faced with a number of handicaps: sleep deprivation, the time of day and the intake of alcohol and drugs. Together, these factors are a “time bomb” that reduces wakefulness and promotes traffic accidents, seizures, etc.