How to ensure good sleep

Felicidade Rodrigo  Moraes

The “quantity vs. quality” question has been issue of concern in several contexts. Sleep is no exception, and there is no doubt that it is essential to maintain well-being, quality of life, as well as mental and physical health. Sleeping sufficient time or lying down in bed waiting for sleep to come may not be enough; ensuring sleep quality is actually important.

We live in a frenetic 24-hours society and, more often than not, its demands are incompatible with good sleep. How can we resist “sleep thieves”? How can we maintain a smooth life style? How can we actually sleep well? Here are some tips:

– Keep regular bedtimes and waking-up times

– Sleep the time you really need, neither more nor less

– Be reasonable in exceptions to rule (nights out, parties and everything that implies changes in schedules)

– Keep a balanced daily routine (work, leisure, sports and diet)

– Make sure you have a good sleeping environment (calm, free of technologies, with comfortable temperature)

– Learn to have a good relationship with sleep (no-one does well what does not bring pleasure!)

– Try to enrich your scientific knowledge about sleep

– Be aware of symptoms and do not let sleep problems worsen. Asking for help at the right time is essential to prevent sleep disorders and assure a good quality of life.