Having rules, working better and gaining time to sleep

Source: TDM
Source: TDM

Sleep expert Teresa Paiva was interviewed by Rádio Renascença in celebration of World Sleep Day on 18 March.

The expert considered it essential that people have rules and that they manage to be efficient in what they do, so that they can gain time to sleep. “Even in the busy lives that people often have it is best not to do so much. To do a little less. It is better not to work so hard and have rules: it is essential”, Teresa Paiva said.

She provided an example to illustrate the importance of sleep: “Someone who runs a business has many responsibilities and the lives of others in their hands. This increases the pressure and the range of concerns. But if resting is not part of his priorities, the ability to solve problems and to accomplish may be compromised. If this person relaxes a bit more and starts to somehow change the perspective on things, he or she will solve the problems in a much better and more efficient way”, she says.

When jobs are very demanding rules become even more pressing. “Then you’re like a high competition athlete. You must have more rules” in order to “work much better. Of course each one has to look at the circumstances in which one works and define what is dispensable and is not. ”

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