“I dream a lot and always in color”

Helena Roseta, chairhelena-roseta of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon and Member of the Socialist Party, tells iSleep: “one night of sleep makes me find solutions to problems”.
“Whether as an architect, or in politics, it has been a constant thing in my life. Sometimes it is not that sleep is very restorative – I sleep about seven, eight hours, sometimes less. I also dream a lot”, she says. “It is just a matter of waking up with fresh mind for the solution to the problem to arise, something which was not at all clear the night before.”

“Many of the ideas that I have do come to me in my dreams. I dream a lot and always in color, very distinct colors. I don’t believe it is because I am an architect – I actually do not know why”, she adds. “I often have insomnia, but there a good side to it because I read a lot. I have read several books on account of sleeplessness.”