In Memoriam Sleep medicine pioneer Cristian Guilleminault

Teresa Paiva e Marta Gonçalves, especialistas em medicina do sono portugueses, homenageiam Cristian Guilleminault, pioneiro da medicina do sono, falecido aos 80 anos a 9 de julho de 2019.  Guilleminault, , professor na Universidade de Stanford, em Palo Alto, na Califórnia, EUA, desempenhou um papel central na descoberta do síndrome da apneia obstrutiva do sono.

Guilleminault  esteve em Portugal em julho de 2017 para participar numa conferência organizada pelo Centro de Electroencefalografia e Neurofisiologia Clínica Lda – Dra. Teresa Paiva,  intitulada “Apneia do sono: controvérsias do presente e tendências futuras”. O iSleep publica o texto de homenagem de Teresa Paiva e Marta Gonçalves a Christian Guilleminault.  

“To Christian Guilleminault

Born and raised in France and faithful to his origins and ancestors, he was also undoubtedlyAmerican. This duality made him a man of the world, able to understand the diversity of cultures and the specificities of habits across people and across regions.

This duality was present in his life: he was a clinician and a researcher, a teacher and a promoter, he could be an “enfant terrible” and a warm friend, someone to be respected and a person to be loved, when asked for an advice he would give many, most of all he was someone who always knew not on only more but also better. He was always right.

Christian Guilleminault had a dual mission: to uncover the mysteries of sleep and sleep apnea and to promote world wide Sleep Medicine. He brought to us sleep apnea from the newborn to the elder, from obese to thin people, from men to women, he unraveled and promoted new treatment methods, he always wanted to understand beyond the current knowledge.

He promoted Sleep medicine everywhere: In North and South America, in Western and Eastern Europe, in Middle Asia and Afrika, in Asia. Everywhere the roots of his work are well present and the diversity of coauthors is a clear reflection of his gigantic work.

Therefore, we regret he is no longer close by, but he is present in our memories and is not forgotten. We will try that the received support becomes long lasting and reflects somehow his personality and dimension.

CG was a celebrity.

From Portugal, in memoriam

Teresa Paiva and Marta Gonçalves”