Jamie Oliver: “I literally have to treat sleep like a job”

Jamie Oliver

Famous international chef Jamie Oliver confesses in his blog that he was getting it all wrong when it came to sleep, but suddenly everything changed, largely under the influence of Professor Jason Ellis, a British specialist in sleep medicine: “I was getting it all wrong for about five years – only getting three to four hours’ sleep a night, which is not good. On average, less than six hours a night or more than nine over a sustained period increases our risk of developing an illness – short sleep has been associated with obesity, type-2 diabetes and cancer, for example. I’m doing really well now, but I literally have to treat sleep like a job, not because I can’t sleep once I’m in bed, but because there seem to be a thousand reasons/noises/people/distractions that prevent me from just turning off and getting into bed.”
This change occurred while he was preparing his latest book “Everyday Super Food”.

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