“Quality sleep is essential to the voice”

sono Luis Represas

“I try to sleep eight hours a night and I am even more careful on the nights before a concert”, singer and composer Luís Represas says to iSleep. The artist, 59, founder of Trovante band with a solo career of almost 25 years, is especially careful about the optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep: “I have a slightly raised bed to prevent gastric reflux which affects the vocal chords.”

When interviewed by iSleep, several singers have emphasized the importance of good sleep for their voice and performance on stage. So Carlos do Carmo: “I have always been a very good sleeper, sleeping eight hours straight. Aging has made it less now, but even so, I think I still have good quality sleep.” The singer believes that “sleep is absolutely essential” to his voice. Katia Guerreiro also said: “For me it is very important in my daily life that I have about eight hours of sleep.” The singer also said that she needs to restore with a longer sleep on the nights before a concert.