Teresa Paiva and CENC on RTP1

Teresa Paiva 2

Teresa Paiva and the Sleep Medicine Centre (CENC) were the guests of the RTP 1 television show “Diga Doutor”, hosted by general practitioner Dr. João Ramos. It was broadcasted on Saturday, 2 July.

For almost an hour, the neurologist and expert in sleep medicine spoke of various sleep disorders such as insomnia, in which patients have little or no restful sleep and wake up many times. She also spoke about sleep deprivation, in which the shortening of sleep is desired by the individual, about sleep apnoea, mainly characterized by snoring, the restless legs syndrome, a disease that leads patients to physical and emotional exhaustion, periodic limb movements, dominated by jerks, and parasomnias, where, in extreme cases, the patient may harm his or her bed partner.

The expert also addressed other sleep disorders, including hypersomnias such as narcolepsy, where the patient may fall asleep during the day in the most unexpected situations, the delayed phase disorder, in which patients go to bed at two, three, four in the morning and may wake up at lunchtime or later, and the advanced sleep phase, in which, instead, patients go to bed too soon. All these sleep disorders often affect social and family life in a serious way.

Videos featuring various experts and health professionals at Sleep Medicine Centre were also exhibited. The medical and health facility (Electroencephalography Centre and Clinical Neurophysiology – CENC) works in interdisciplinary teams, with a sleep lab that uses polysomnography to measure sleep phases and patterns and also records data such as heart and respiratory rate.

Other specialty fields such as psychology, biomedical sciences, dental medicine (much focused on sleep disorders) and physical education are part of CENC’s multidisciplinary scope. Psychologists Professor Helena Rebelo Pinto, Teresa Rebelo Pinto and Catarina Mestre, chronobiology specialist Cátia Reis, dentist Gabriela Videira, diagnostic neurophysiology technologist Ana Viegas and physical therapy exercise technician Vera Ramos were some of CENC’s staff elements that also appeared on the television show.

You can watch the complete program here: http://www.rtp.pt/play/p2324/e242000/diga-doutor