“The ability to sleep well is one of the best things God has given me”


Sleep is essential to my balance in every way”, Father Vítor Melícias says to iSleep. “I have always had the ability to have a very concentrated sleep. Five, six hours, although it is not much, makes me wake up feeling refreshed. It certainly is a restful sleep”, the Franciscan priest adds. “The ability to sleep well is one of the best things God has given me”. “Even today, despite my age, I continue to sleep well”.

Father Victor Melícias, 78, was ordained a priest in 1962. One of the most prominent figures of his generation, he graduated in Law at the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, where he was a classmate of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Leonor Beleza and João Soares, among others. He formed the so-called Group of the Light, which revolved around the Seminar of the Light and brought together, in many brainstorming meetings and debates on society, politics and religion (at a time of dictatorship), students from various universities, such as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and António Guterres.

He held high offices at Montepio Geral bank, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and the Portuguese Mercies Union and he was a member of the European Economic and Social Committee and Commissioner of the East Timor Transition Support Program, one of his most cherished causes. He was professor of Canon Law and Philosophy of Law at the Seminary of the Light, at the Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies, at the Higher Institute of Theology in Évora and at the Portuguese Catholic University.