“The main problem was that, at 17, I was still sleeping with my mother”


Foto: Viva Russia


Maria T. (real name withheld), 17, tells iSleep about a problem that had been hidden for many years and now starts to be revealed without taboos, which is a major step in analysing it and being able to solve it. The youngster says that the fact that she was still sleeping with her mother not only affected her sleep, but also other important aspects of her daily life.

What made you ask for help?

My sleep problems. It was difficult for me to fall asleep and sometimes certain nocturnal episodes, like standing up, talking and even yelling, turned into intense morning fatigue, which made it difficult for me to wake up. These “symptoms” are strange for someone who does not have any recollection of last night’s episodes and thinks he has slept calmly all night long.

How did you realise that this was a problem with great consequences in your daily life?

After going to see a neurologist and a psychologist, I realised that the main cause of it was that I was still sleeping with my mother, which not only affected my sleep, but also other important aspects of my daily life. I was turning into a person who was too dependent from others and who feared change of any kind, and it was affecting my school life and my social life.

What was the most difficult part of the treatment?

To this point, the most difficult part was getting to the root of the problem. It is always less easy for us to realise that a habit which we think is harmless is actually affecting our lives in so many ways.

 Which improvements came with solving that problem?

I feel substantial improvements in my personal, social and school life since I first began the treatment. I feel more confident, more intuitive, more determined, more independent, able to deal with my fears, to accept change and to fight for my dreams. Not to mention my school grades, which drastically improved, as well as my sleep, of course.

What would you recommend to people with the same problem?

The only advice I can give to people with this problem is not to be afraid of seeking help. It is easier to go through this with assistance. It will be hard at first, but believe me, your life will get better. Don’t be afraid to take that step.


Maria, 17 years old