Today I do not fight against time

Stress Alan Cleaver

Pedro Vasconcelos, 28, business manager, was wrapped up in work and his life seemed to circle around his computer and cell phones. He started to sleep badly, to wake up tired and to show depressive and anxious symptoms. This condition improved thanks to specialized help. He tells iSleep what he went through.

“Present times are dominated by excess of information. After finishing my studies, I found myself in a constant fight against time, hoping to catch every opportunity that came across. After some time, and because I am a perfectionist, every task that I assumed ended up being exhausting!

My work is linked to the capital market, where information is everything. This means long hours on the phone or on the computer. Our generation is completely dependent on cell phones, which really is vital to knowing new trends and having an active social life through Facebook, Instagram, online news, share prices… I started to wake up tired, I would easily get angry over little things and I had no time for the people who are closest to me, because I was drowned in work problems, I slept badly, I talked a lot during sleep and, although I changed by food habits, I always woke up feeling as if I had hangover.

November 2014, I could not handle the pressure any longer. Every day I felt depressed, revolted and anxious. I spent all my energy on work. I fell asleep at the movies, in the car, on the sofa, anywhere. I got annoyed very easily and I drank large amounts of coffee trying to compensate for the energy that sleep seemed to refuse me. I could not understand where the energy I saw in my friends and family came from. Unable to correspond to my own expectations and to the ones of my close circle, I decided to ask for help. I booked an appointment at the Sleep Centre.

I was embarrassed to do it, but I decided to put my fears aside. I knew something was wrong: I did not know what, but at 28 I could not drag myself around all day.

At the Sleep Centre, I learned that my sleep was not regular. My brain did not rest when I was sleeping; instead, it functioned just as if I was awake. With medication and change of habits I started to feel better. Today I have restored the energy I had at 18. I learned to put my problems into perspective and not to carry work home. Most importantly, every day I try to clean my head and allow by brain to rest. I only have to turn my cell phone off for a while during the day. With my cell phone off, I step back (or maybe foreword), I observe what surrounds me. I simply try to observe without thinking about anything.

Today I am happier, I have more time, I am more competent. I do not fight against against time. I sleep well, therefore I exist”.