“When you sleep twice, a day just seems like two”

Agostinho da Silva, one of the greatest Portuguese philosophers, would not say no to a nap and he sometimes slept for quite a few hours – which did not keep him from going to bed between 11 p.m. and midnight, and get up early in the next morning. “When you sleep twice, a day just seems like two”, he said.
In his last interview, made by Luis Machado on 9 October 1993, a few months before his death, the philosopher spoke of his sleep habits:

Talking about working early, do you still get up at 4 in the morning?
No, not anymore, now it’s at 5 a.m.!

Getting up early and taking a nap are almost daily rituals to you, is it not?
Yes… in a way. Let’s say that these are old habits that I am pleased to maintain.

At what time do you go to bed? I have the impression that it is usually quite early…
Not at all, I never go to bed before eleven o’clock, midnight, but I don’t say no to naps. And if I feel like sleeping during the day, I do. Sometimes I even fall asleep when I am reading. I don’t worry about it; as long as sleep is satisfied, I don’t mind the rest. You know, when you sleep twice, a day just seems like two…”